Vanden Berg Custom

Model 7: 20" barrel (#2 contour Shilen Select Stainless match-grade barrel blank); Vanden Berg Custom muzzlebrake; Timney trigger; and polymer-composite finish. Available in calibers: 204Ruger, 223Remington, 5.56X45NATO, 223 Wylde, 6X45mm, 243Winchester, 6.5LBC, 260Remington, 6.8SPC, 270WSM, 7mm-08, 7mmWSM, 7mmRSAUM, 300AAC/Blackout, 7.62X39Soviet, 7.62X40, 308Winchester/7.62X51, 300WSM, 300RSAUM, 338Federal 458SOCOM.

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Bolt Rifle 20-Inch Model 7 Bolt Rifle 20-Inch Model 7